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Sunday, December 4, 2011

About the amish bread/rolls

I thought I'd give a quick update on the rolls and breads.

I've made this recipe (below) about 4-5 times now. I'm almost out of flour, from a 5lb bag. ;)

  • First off, REAL bread flour made all the difference for me (and NOT bread machine flour). Yes its more expensive, but in the end, its worth it.
  • Half and Half just does not cut it (pun intended).
  • Whipping cream and 35% cream is awesome. I've a thingy of "light" cream (LOL) 18% waiting for the next batch, I'll keep you posted if it works, or not.
  • A pan with a hole will pee caramel in your oven. I'll be burying one of my grandma's pans :(
  • If you're gonna make this recipe a lot, buy a jar of yeast, and if you'll be REALLY making it a lot, I've seen (for the 1st time) 2lb yeast blocks, kinda neat!
  • One of those huge sugar shakers (like a large parmesan shaker) works AWESOME for sprinkling all that cinnamon.
  • A good whisk is your friend (even a dollar store once, so long as you treat it gently).
  • Even if you're tired, after you've rolled your rolls, and put the loaves in the pans, clean your counter and get it ready for the cooling off of the baked goods.
  • While you're at that dollar store, get a couple of cooling racks, these fold out of the way, and are indispensible for your culinary adventures! ^_^
  • A good non-shedding brush works well for the melted butter ;)
  • Be warned, once you start offering these to people, they will be thrilled! Oh, and be warned, if you tell people you make this very therapeutic recipe by HAND they'll look at you like you're nuts!
  • Forgetting ingredients (like salt and oil like I did.) makes for a tough recipe, but still good. The bread loaves I made had a hard time standing on their own, so they were given with the instructions, stand on their heads. They were so soft and fluffy (and delicious omgosh!) but you could taste the missing salt (see? I screw up too!) you have to learn to laugh at yourself. ;)
  • If you know someone who's just had surgery, or an elderly person (and maybe not so elderly ;) that does not get much visiting, or outing, why not bring them a pan of these, or even 3-4 rolls? Make someone's day, and share the goodness. And wish them a Merry Christmas (and if its on your heart, why not take the opportunity to INVITE them to your Christmas dinner (or your after Christmas dinner)? I can tell you, as a single bachlorette, how warming it is, when I'm asked to a friend's house for Christmas or Thanksgiving. :)
Merry Christmas, I'll be back, with more favorite recipes! Stay tuned! And, remember, if I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  God Bless!

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