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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking for help!

Can YOU help? I make, sell and donate cat and dog collars, and soon, apparel!

 I'm trying to raise funds for a small embroidery/sewing machine that would allow me to put names/phone numbers of dog (and cat) apparel. This may seem silly, or a frivolous request, but my dream would be to be able to donate new collars and leashes to the rescues, with the name of the rescue or new pet on them, or better yet, have the foster home's phone number right on the collar, should the dog lose his/her tags. It would also help to bring in a tiny bit more (much needed) money (I have health issues that prevent me from working). I'm being honest here to a fault. 

The Go Fund Me is neat in that you can donate as little or as much as you want/can, and I would ask, if you cannot donate, please pass the link on your pages, or maybe you know someone who'd like to help. These donations apparently also get a TAX RECEIPT!

Read the page for more info. and Thank you! Cynthia

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