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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking for help!

Can YOU help? I make, sell and donate cat and dog collars, and soon, apparel!

 I'm trying to raise funds for a small embroidery/sewing machine that would allow me to put names/phone numbers of dog (and cat) apparel. This may seem silly, or a frivolous request, but my dream would be to be able to donate new collars and leashes to the rescues, with the name of the rescue or new pet on them, or better yet, have the foster home's phone number right on the collar, should the dog lose his/her tags. It would also help to bring in a tiny bit more (much needed) money (I have health issues that prevent me from working). I'm being honest here to a fault. 

The Go Fund Me is neat in that you can donate as little or as much as you want/can, and I would ask, if you cannot donate, please pass the link on your pages, or maybe you know someone who'd like to help. These donations apparently also get a TAX RECEIPT!

Read the page for more info. and Thank you! Cynthia

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Its been a while! (blows dust off everything)



Yes, I'm still alive, still kicking, (some more than others ;) and what a whirlwind time its been since I last posted. First off, I must appologize. I really wanted to create new recipes weekly and post them, and then life popped out of nowhere! who knew!?!!

So, here's a quick update.
Living, barely but I can't complain. My fibro is kicking up a storm, and my doc has cut off all the (usual WORKING) pain meds. I won't go into this frustrating situation, simply because I've given it to the Lord. However, I'll probably be cursing my "doctor" when I get the next attack plus my period PLUS a migraine. oh yeah! (this is the same doc that told me to do cartwheels to get rid of an earache and yes, I'm _serious_).

So, moving right along to happier stuff...Its been about 6 months or so...

I've been sewing up and baking up a storm, started a quilt (at the local quilting guild in Sept). Am making a TON of dog and cat collars. For each collar I sell, I donate one to a rescue, so the rescue wins, the new collar owner wins, and I win. :) If you're interested in helping me achieve the little goal I've set, visit or go here (my facebook fan page) You can order a collar or a leash, each separate is $15.00 or a set (or 2 collars or 2 leashes) are $25.00. Custom made, whatever color, design theme whatever! its YOUR ... blank canvas :)

I launched a 1000 collars for rescues challenge. My goal is to donate 1000 collars, (whether or not I sell 1000, it'd be nice tho ;). So far, we're up to about 49-50. I've to update the website, but this is what has been donated so far. I've received awesome feedback from ONE of the rescues I've donated to. Sadly, other local rescues have yet to respond to the offer of free collars (???) or even let  me know they GOT the collars (I don't get this but hey!) I'm looking for hardware, to make these collars, and supplies as well, and its all stuff people normally throw away! Look on the ladybughugs site, all the info is there!

RIGHT before my 2nd last show, my oven of all things went HAHAHAHAHAHHA BUH-BYE! I went are you KIDDING ME? I was at a loss what to do. I had no gas money to go into town to get estimates to get a new one, and so I prayed and prayed. And the Lord, in His Grace and Awesomeness stepped in, and I was GIVEN a brand new stove, that little baby works like a CHARM! (thank YOU LORD! you ROCKETH!) (He does, He truly and honestly does!) (and He's MY rock too!) ahem... So, baked and baked and BAKED I did!

I'm also sewing and selling Microwave finger mitts (AWESOME - no more burning steam!), little doggy kerchiefs, and ties (these are being designed, worked on), and soon, booties and coats.

I have a HUGE problem however. I was VERY blessed with an awesome sewing machine, its 40-50 years old. (Its one of those Kenmore, ALL metal... you know, the 80lb ones lol). However, this machine can do straight, and zigzag. I THOUGHT I'd be able to free motion quilt with it (for the coats, quilt, and placemats and Christmas gifts), but it will NOT allow me to do so, even with a loaner foot that is just for that. I tried it last night, and was so ... frustrated, sad, and in despair, I wanted to curl up in a corner, and cry and cry and CRY! Today I found out that I will most definitely NOT be getting a new machine for Christmas. I'd asked for an embroidery/sewing machine, that would not only allow me to quilt, but also embroider names of pups/cats on the collars (or the phone number of foster homes in case the dog slips away). This would in turn, perhaps allow me to get a few more dollars when I sell my collars. I know that it may well never happen. I'm on disability, so there is NO way I can afford a new one. So, I stepped on my (last remnant of) pride, and started a gofundme thing. The neat thing about this is, people can help however little or much they want. even 25 cents! :) This machine would also allow me to do various "decorative" stitches, again, bringing in a few more dollars per collar (or kerchief or whatever).

So, I'm going to ask ALL of you who read this, please donate,even ONE dollar! :) and if you can't donate, share this link, or this blog page, far and wide! Here's the link!

Yep, I'm asking for donations, but at least I'm honest about WHY I'm asking LOL! I've been conned this past year, and well, honestly is ALWAYS the best policy no? ^_^

I started another addictive "hobby" as well, pin-ornaments and quilted ornaments. The pin ones require an insane amount of pins to make, and each take about 3-5 hours, depending on the style/pattern/supplies. I sell these, but make them on demand, as I don't want to be stuck with a gazillion ornaments (like my painted ornaments - been busy I tell you!) :) I'll post pics of the various projects I've worked on. There is ANOTHER project I (Oooooh!) completed, but I can't post it here, until the recipient gets it. :) but when this person has received it, boy oh BOY, I'll post the pics.

So why all this crafting? because I'm not baking the dog cookies (I'm also selling lol), as I have no planned shows for now. (some sold like crazy, and the dogs that got them? WENT BONKERS!) :) Check the FB page for those. I have to figure out a fall harvest cookie for humans ^_^

I DID come up with a lil recipe, its a soup/stew, and it has a miso base. Miso is Japanese soybean paste. My friend Anne had me try it when we were eating sushi an eternity ago, and I've been hooked ever since! Its so rich and filling, and ... satisfying! I do NOT make it like the restaurant does tho (that'd be boring). I always switch stuff around. Mine I make with a little knob of butter, shrooms, onions, chicken, LOTS of miso, nori, and a little secret ingredient (old cheddar). OMGOSH is it ever GOOOOOD! the coolest part? I'm NOT hungry 5 minutes later (or 4 hours later), and it does not have nasty repercussions like so many other foodstuffs do. :) I'll post a semi-recipe later! (I don't measure, I go by the Piff as we say in French. or seat of my pants... whatever).

So that's a quick update... please share the link! Here's some pics to enjoy.
Painted ornaments are 6$ each or 2/10.
Pinned or quilted are $15.
Microwave mitts are 8$ each or 2/15 (that thermal stuff batting thing is killer).
Collars/leashes $15 or 2/25
Kerchiefs small are $4 and large are $6.
Keyfobs $6 each or 2/10. These are apparently popular in the US, and they are starting to be here. (perfect stocking stuffer! or as a gift for any reason/season!)
(I think that's it. for now :) I ship Canada/US... :)

Thanks for the read, God Bless, and its nice to be back! ^_^

Key Fobs (I have a TON of various ribbon, and I can probably find one you'd like). 6$ or 2/10

Microwave oven mitts. $8 each SET or 15 for 2 sets (so four in all)

This is the stack and whack quilt I'm working on. Its on hold right now, until Crazy I mean Christmas has gone away!

Painted ornaments 6$ each or 2/10. can be personalized.
I've a ton of these :)

DewDrops Gourmet Dog cookies. $3.50  for a  small bag, or $10 for a 3/pack (there's about 100-150g per small bag - usually a bit more. it varies due to the nature of the ingredients.) These are carob dipped peanut butter goodness.

Fall Harvest - made with fall veggies and fruits, its wheat FREE and animal product free. :) (and yes, I've tried these, they are goooood!)

Cheezy-luvs - these smell like garlic bread baking (they taste really good too!)

Collars :) $15 each or 2/25

Kerchiefs 4$ for a small, 6$ for a large. Yes, you can get them elsewhere (dollar store?) cheaper, but SUPPORT LOCAL ECONOMY! not China's economy (no offense China!)

small kerchiefs

small kerchiefs

medium kerchief BUT its reversible, and has a sleeve for the collar. 

Pumpikin DewDrop gourmet dog cookies

Pumpikin, decorated with Carob.

Pumpikin, decorated with Carob

Key Fob - and I FINALLY found my shed key. ROFL!

key fobs

This is Jazz, my baby boy, nursing me when I was sick for most of Mid Sept-Most of Oct. The quilt is one I got at a goodwill type of store.

The DewHandsome, taken when I got home from a 12 hour day (show)

My little ham, showing off the tag keepers

My fave collars so far!

Collar/leash combo. $25

LOVE this ribbon!

This is a pinned ornament. this one is going to a Christmas gift  exchange.

Breast Cancer pinned ornament. About 400-500 pins... phew!

boxed cookies :)

he seriously thinks they are ALLLLL for him. lol!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Christian Artwork

My picasa album has been updated with the 6 Christian artworks I've created in the past 2 months, along with all the other artwork I currently have for sale... :) If you're interested, please drop me a line! Thanks! Cynt

If you are interested in getting a print, drop me a line ( (remove the .nospam) Prices vary, see price section on . More paintings are coming :)
here's the link :

Life Savior

Lambs Book of Life/Holy Adoption

A seed is planted

Blood of the Lamb/Lily of the Valley

Light of the World / Spiritual Warfare

The Mighty Cross/Tree of Life

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Almond Rolls

Good day to you folks! I've promised this recipe would be typed up in time for me to bring it to church (tomorrow - I don't procrastinate much, just twice a year, and it lasts 6 months).

So, here we go. I used the basic Amish Bread recipe (posted on here) and then went a little artistic with it (just wait until I post the Cheeky Monkey Balls recipe.) ;)
Today's recipe, Almond Rolls
You can download a printable version of this recipe by clicking on this link -> Almond Roll (PDF) (opens in a new window)
So, whip up a batch of that yummy bread, and either use it all for these babies, or do half and half. Prepare the Amish bread, divide into 2-4 balls. (4 balls will give you smaller rolls, but may be easier to work with.)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trying to raise some much needed funds!

Trying to raise some much needed funds!

This is for a friend who has just lost EVERYthing!

car, savings, even utilities! she's pretty much starting from scratch, and she desperately needs help.

If you can chip in even just FIVE dollars! That would be amazing! If you don't have paypal, PM me on Fb or email me at home, and I will give you the address where to send a check (this is a US friend).

If you are a Canadian, you can send it to me, and I'll forward it to her. Please consider how you would feel if this happened to you. Thank you, God Bless you!