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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About knives...

I have a knife fetish. I won't lie about it... Apparently, I was wittling at age 4. I don't quite remember it, but I DO remember being very fond of wood... (shrugs).

That being said, do yourself a favor...

Sharpen your knives, properly. There is nothing more dangerous than a dull knife!
I bought a samurai knife sharpener at Canadian Tire, (because I don't know how to use a stone/the other long thingy properly).
When you've sharpened a knife, rinse it under running water, and dry it carefully. This will remove any tiny metal bits that might be stuck on it.
When you wash your knives, wash them last, in warm water, soapy if need be, and rinse them immediately thoroughly, and dry them, very very very well.
When putting your knives in a drawer, try to spread them out. Its better for them to be in a block, or even better, on a magnetic strips which makes for easy reach. If they bang against one another in your drawers - uh, drawer... ahem, they will dull and even dent/chip.
When buying a knife, buy the BEST you can afford. It can be a lifetime investment.
Never buy or give a knife as a gift. Its bad luck. :)

The best knives I've found, that were VERY affordable were made by the Kiwi knives company. Wow those things ROCK! But, they do chip/dent easily if not treated well. You will probably find these in Asian foodstores.

When you are about to buy a knife, wield it, pretend-chop with it, see how it handles. The knife should be an extension of your arm/hand. Not a "tool".

And remember, sharpen ... :) and don't leave in dishwasher otherwise, they'll most likely rust (in fact they should not even GO in dishwasher!)