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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little update of sorts

So, Friday, I went to see the doc. I'd been waking up with, and getting dizzy spells during the day. I'd been taking my blood sugar (I'm not diabetic but I do have a meter), and it varied, from 4.2-8 (once 10) but it still averaged my normal 5.3. Also for a few months, I've felt "bad", like something was wrong. So, I narrowed it down to either blood sugar, or blood pressure. Since I'm not a doctor, I went to see one. And the results were... well, good and not good. (lol!)

Blood sugar is ok, but since diabetes DOES run in my family, I need to be MUCH more careful.
I have ear congestion, which apparently, can't be "fixed" and is partly the cause for the dizzy spells.
Blood pressure was a little high (Stage 1).

The verdict - I need to lose weight, and more importantly, EXCERCISE!

I'll be VERY honest and candid here... I'm relieved, relieved that its OUT in the OPEN! I'm totally serious. Its like this HUGE weight came off my shoulders, and somehow, someway, I'm more determined than ever to do just that, lose weight and excercise. I believe that the fact that my (beloved) neighbor and I prayed over this helped a great deal. See? I know I'm not going through this alone. I have fantastic friends who are backing me up, who even offered to kick my butt (right Lorna? LOL!) and who actually want to go THROUGH this with me (talk about WOW!) But see, here's the kicker, I'm not alone, never am, because the Lord is walking with me. My Lord Jesus, promised that He would never leave, nor forsake me. So I asked Him for help, for gumption, for ... what is the word.... I need to STICK with this.

Dewey (my dog) is thrilled. (giggle).
He can stand to lose weight too. Too bad I can't walk the cats too (they'd spazz... I know, I tried ;)

So, what does this mean for the blog? Well, nothing but good, the way I see it. You see, this is a journey of a million days, one that I will be on for the rest of my life. I know others out there are struggling, and I plan on taking my new and old recipes and converting them to be as healthy as I know how to make them, and posting them for others to use/share/enjoy.  I will post updates, and maybe even little things I've tried that worked (or did not). I know I'm not alone, but I know I have a big mouth, and I figure, if someone -just ONE- person can benefit from my spreading it out wide in the open, then mission accomplished.

The appointment was Friday. I'd waken up with a nasty NASTY migraine, but I had 4 dogs to puppy sit (2 at each house), and well, a promise is a promise. My friends were not home, and having pets myself, I know what its like to know someone will look in on your babies. When I got home (at last) Friday night, I had a chocolate bar - I KNOW I KNOW! The cool part was, it was so freaking GROSS I will NEVER buy a "processed" bar again (I normally eat ONLY black chocolate (70% or higher). WHY I bought that stupid thing, I don't know. I know this, when I woke up Saturday morning, it was a throw up migraine that greeted me (those are the worst for me). I was soooooo sick (serves me right. I KNOW. I agree!) The pain meds I'd taken the night before kinda did a rebound, and that did NOT help (sigh). So, I set myself up for that one. The meds I take (Cafergot) were NOT working - the migraine was beyond that, and so, in order to take the really expensive meds that REALLY work (Imitrex/zomig and the like), I had to NOT take ANY migraine meds for 36 hours. Meaning, I've been coasting the migraine scene for 1.5 days now, and tomorrow morning, I'll be allowed to take one tablet, if its needed. Lord willing, it will not.

All this to say, I could barely keep anything down today, an apple, then some edamame beans (Japanese baby soy beans that they serve at sushi restaurants. YUM!) I'd made some stir fry yesterday, and didn't want to waste it, (had a full plate left of it). So, I ate it, but I cut it in thirds first.

I surprised my neighbor by asking HER "Wanna go for a walk?" (lol! Poor Elaine, she's been after me for 2 years LOL!) I went twice on Saturday, not long walks, but long enough that I'm short of breath and the dog has done his duty.

So, I'm going to be posting recipes, upgrades, and not all will be "healthy", if you will. I believe you can have everything, in moderation (moderation and sushi do NOT mix in my world - well, not always) ^_^. I will maybe post updates too... I don't know if anyone cares, but I figure, maybe it will help ONE person. Just one.

I refuse to say, I'm on a diet. I hate that word. Its so... depressing. I'm looking at it more like, I'm renovating my eating habits. I hope you'll read on, and keep coming back. I know I write "novels", can't be helped. And if YOU have recipes you'd like to share, by all means, email me (sales(AT) (change the (AT) for an @). Or msg. me on Facebook. I hope to see you around, and hope someone can somehow post a comment.

I've had it with the crappy days, feeling like being the thing the cat dragged in (after its been run over by a transport truck and then used as bear bait). Tired. I'm tired of being TIRED! Tired of missing out, on SO much! I have complete faith in God, that He will help me through this. That He will kick MY butt if I don't ;) Maybe through this, I can share a bit of my faith with the World at large, so that they too may come to know the One who sent His only Son to die for me, and you, on the cross. Salvation... its so easy to receive it, and its a free gift, no strings attached. Email me, if you want to know more. I won't shove it down anyone's throat however. ^_^

So, ready for the journey? The timing is awesome, my fridge is pretty much empty, its clean (oooooh!) and its almost end of month. Lets get this party started, shall we?

Cyncerly, Cyn