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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steak, mushroom and cheese flatbread pizza - oh Y.U.M.!

Here's a recipe that is not only (COET (cook once eat twice), but fun to make, and even funner to eat (all mesy and goey and yummy!) One of the reason its a COET, is, if you can behave and not wolf down the whole thing in one sitting (if you're single and are not sharing with the dog that is...) then you might have some left for dinner. But even if you DO eat it all, its cool! I bought a large steak, and included in this recipe, you prep the steak for the pizza, but also for tonight's (or even tomorrow's) dinner! (I mean, everything is out, and "dirty" anyways right? so why not?

I've added the "step by step" pictures at the bottom (I've not figured out how to do this all fancy schmancy yet).

I'll be posting a link shortly on how to easily and tear-free-ly chop onions in 2 minutes flat.

There are 2 warnings for this baby.

First, if you put (like me) a LOT of mushrooms, your flat bread will be a little (but not too much) soggy (the juices get absorbed by the bread (excuse me while I drool!) you can actually see the juices in the pics above.

2nd, I put in the recipe that the garlic on the flat bread is optional, actually, its not. Seriously! It packs such a punch of flavor, that I say, try it, you'll like it.

Lastly, the mushrooms and tomato in this recipe can easily be switched up for your faves, but this IS a shroom and steak pie, so, lets get cooking with Cyn shall we? ^_^

flat bread steak and shroom and cheese pizza
(COET! Cook once eat twice)

I would say, this feeds 2-3 people at most. It really depends on the size of your flat bread, and also how many pieces you eat. I had (blush) 4 of the squares, no problem, but then I eat ah, larger portions ^_^.

 What you need...
  • flat bread (found in bread/deli section) (Costco has AWESOME deals on these.) Due to shrooms (and steak) "sweating", I don't recommend raw dough. (I will try this with my own homemade dough, and bake it first (like a flat bread) and will post results. WHEN I get to it!1-2 cups mozza cheese
  • 200 g mushrooms (8 med-large ones)
  • (steak, I bought a 1-lb boneless blade steak - its what was on special)
  • 150g steak, sliced thin and small
  • 300g steak, sliced thin and in 2 inch pieces (this is for dinner)
  • 1 small tomato, sliced and chopped
  • 1 small onion coarsely chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil (times 3, so 6 tbsps in all)
  • 2 tbsp garlic minced (optional- not actually, its not. you HAVE to try this!)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce (sodium reduced)
marinades for steak mix

  • 2 tbsp oil (not taken from above measures)
  • 1.5 tbsp sodium reduced soy sauce
  • 1.5 tbsp cornstarch
  • pinch salt and pepper
  • tiny squirt of hot pepper sauce (optional - try it. mmmmm.)

prep work. I do all my prep work, including marinades, before I get going. It makes life MUCH easier!

  • slice 150g steak  thinly and in small pieces(freeze partially to make your life MUCH easier! the only problem with this is, you need to let it come back to room temperature before working with it. So, just be forewarned.)
  • slice 300g steak in thin 1.5-2" pieces
  • mince/chop onion
  • slice mushrooms thin or thick so long as you are consistent.
  • slice and dice tomato. (I have a "slap chop" no I don't use it.)

  • in small bowl, put 1.5 tsp of steak marinade, add 150g of steak, mix well.
  • in another small bowl, put the 300g steak, and rest of marinade.
  • Important, do NOT stick the beef in the fridge! You'll be cooking it in about 10 minutes!)
  • heat wok/pan.
  • add 2tbsp of oil ONLY when its nice and hot.
  • add garlic and soy sauce, stir fry til garlic is lightly brown (2-3 minutes)
  • add shrooms, and stir fry well, for about 4-5 minutes. If you're using a wok,
  • the shrooms will get a nice crispy edge. YUM!
remove from heat, put in a bowl.

(some people wash the wok at this point. I didn't bother, adds flavor, and I hate doing dishes so...) ^_^

  • put wok back on, let it re-heat up, and add another 2 tbsp oil.
  • add 150g steak, stir fry quickly, and lightly. The trick here is NO overcooking, (this is the pizza steak, so it'll finish cooking in oven). when its still a tiny bit pink, dump it in a bowl. 
  • put wok back on, add rest of oil when its nice and hot, and the 200g steak, stir fry quickly, and to desired doneness (I like my meat med-rare). Again, the wok will impart a nice crispy texture to the meat. YUM! After you've put the pizza in the oven, take the leftover beef, and put in a container. You can use this with anything, (I will be making stir fried hong kong style noodles - and I'll post the recipe too!) Sub, sandwhich, even in a thick beef soup! its all good! Oh, and you can freeze it too! (like, for ... another pie? ^_^)
  •  Preheat oven to 350.
  • Take flatbread out of bag - mine smelled weird, until I realized I'd grabbed a cheese flat bread (for a minute there I was looking for my uncle's old socks! or worse, Dewey's paw prints (my dog has cheetos feet)
  • sprinkle a little bit of olive oil on it, don't soak it (you may wish to put a paper towel underneath as these things as I learned, have little pinprick holes in them!)
  • spread the 2 tbsp garlic evenly over pizza. (honestly, after eating some, I'd put more... not more than 3 though)
  • put a fine layer of cheese on there
  • slap the beef on top, taking care to drain it with a spoon, if its juicy
  • (don't throw out that juice!) spread it out evenly.
  • add the mushrooms/garlic mixture, again, draining, (mushrooms ARE watery after all ;) I did not use the whole lot of my shroom mix, so I dumped it, and the rest of the beef juice in with the 2nd batch of steak :)add rest of cheese.
  • add the tomato, spreading it out evenly
  • if you like, add parmesan cheese (LOTS of it.) 
  • Open oven door. Please be careful NOT to burn yourself (like I did today!) and take pizza, minus paper towel, and put it directly on the grill (also make sure your grill is clean - its the same grill you use for toasts - uh, I use a large toaster oven) :) (this would work in a regular oven too) 
  • bake for 20-25 minutes, until browned lightly, and bubbly. 
  • take out with tongs, and slice, and serve... enjoy!

This was, so far, the BEST pizza I ever made. I even shared with Dewman! BUT if you do choose to share with your furkids, please remember, this has garlic in it, and some puppies react badly to it. (just like some dogs react badly to ham, or chocolate). Some say its poison for them (yet its in most dog food (shrugs). I threw him the crusts, and he caught them on the fly. :)

If you DO make this please leave a comment, and tell me how you liked it, or what you changed in it.

God Bless, Cynthia

Piccies... (pictures)

Steak Marinade, yeah looks yummy (not!)

Slice steak thin, and fairly small, this is a pizza, NOT a sub ;)

Stir fry onions, garlic until fairly soft (I'd say brown, but its kinda hard with soy sauce in there)


Stir  fry pizza beef (the 150g) until med-rare

Cook until nice and browned.

See? like this. you want steak, not shoe soles. :)

Zee flatbread de pizza!

Add a LITTLE bit of olive oil.

Then LOTS of garlic.

Add fine layer of cheese

drool... add the meat

Then the shrooms

Pile on the cheese BUT, keep away from the edges... (well, not too too close to the edge.)

This is what I had leftover of the shroom mix

Add tomates!

with Parmersan on top (fresh if you can afford it!)

Evidently, I can't right now. ugh. it truly is NOT the same

Stick it in the pre-heated oven (do not burn fingers!) I cook my flatbreads directly on the grill.

Wanna piece of this?

This is the 300g of beef, plus the leftover shrooms. Goin' in the fridge for tomorrow's noodle fest!

What the flat bread looks like, kinda (well the packaging) and the size

(giggle) look at those juices! It soaks up in the flat bread, and oh, its delish!

This is the only hot sauce I will use. :)

Final product? Sure smells good in here, we need scratch and sniff monitors or something!

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