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Friday, April 1, 2011

Health update... and the reason this blog is gonna kick mega-butt!

So Thursday, I went to the doc's (a nutritionist).

I'm borderline diabetic, hypoglycemic, and have a "leaky gut". My marching orders, eat more. (???) what? eat MORE! I need more protein, I need to eat many small meals throughout the day as my metabolism is stuck on pre-slow. The good news is, I'm allowed to eat all the beef I want, all the cheese I want, but no (beloved) ginger ale (or at least, try and cut it out.) The past 25 years of my being sick... apparently, it can all be resolved! I'm taking these horse pills of supplements (and they are floaties - yuck - floaties are the gel capsules that never seem to go down, or that get kinda glued to your throat). no sugar, no pastries (I'll miss the goodies at the chapel LOL!), I've a whole list of what I can and cannot eat.

Sigh. I hate water, rather, the water HERE, found out today Vita Splash was discontinued (cuz I liked it - seriously!) The other water thingies all have aspertame in it (migraine trigger). ARGH! Crystal light costs a fortune. YAY!

Obviously, I won't eat 5 lbs of beef per day, but I HAVE to have proteins and lots of them with ALL my meals. I also have to eat magnesium (almonds yesss!) And, the stir-frys I've been cooking up are PERFECT, I'm also allowed all the noodles I want (I am trying to stick to rice noodles, as they don't upset my stomach).

So, moderation, and small portions, and I HAVE to remember to bring food with me at ALL times. @_@ So, the bottom line is, I have to EAT if I want to lose weight. Interesting. I'm not giving up, in fact, this is like, good news, as maybe if I can tame this monster, I can get BETTER (health wise- my health is ... not good). Just pray my legs/feet don't start killing me again. Feb. 2010, I ripped my achilles heel, and the swelling never went down, and everyonce in a while, it starts throbbing again.

I refuse to give up. THERE IS LIGHT at the end of this tunnel! And I know I walk with Him. :) I know this posts is a gripe/woe me, but its also a hopeful post. I'm just... getting used to this. My fridge was empty before I saw Doc, now its full of good stuff. The only thing I have to cut out, that I LOVE, is the ginger ale. Really. I mean, how's THAT for an answer to prayer? Oh, and I have to eat eggs, LOTS of them. ^_^ Farm Fresh where is thou? hehe!

All that being said, MORE recipes will be added, I will try to be attentive to the calories, even though Doc is not worried about that ("for now") well, I am, might as well start it right, and DO it right, and it will help with the weight loss too. I will be trying to use different ingredients, but we have a TINY grocery store, and well, what's on sale is what will be used. But, I will continue to post, because maybe someone out there can make use of these recipes, or even adapt them to what THEY like.

God Bless!