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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kimchi noodles, anything but the traditional way

Everyone knows Kimchi noodles, the ones that come in a bowl, and make "soup" (the ramen type noodles - Thanks Suzy). There's also the Mr. Noodles, but I find those abhorrent. Looking at the ingredients, and "nutritional value" of the noodles, and this blog, you're probably thinking, she's lost it, for good. But no. As a special treat (which I crave more and more often ;) I buy a couple of bowls of the kimchi noodles, and go to town!

First off, I cook the noodles al-dente, but I discard the seasonings, yep, plain old kimchi noodles. Eventually, I'll find somewhere they sell these in bulk (but then I'll have to provide my own bowl lol)

Actually, I cook the noodles last and drain ALL the water. (senior moment)

Now, what I've taken to doing is, when I make a stir-fry with sauce, I'll cook the stir-fry (or reheat), and cook the noodles, and spoon the goodies directly on the noodles. The sauce mixes and get absorbed by said noodles, and its oh so good!

Another thing I do, is cook steak, and slice it fine (after letting it "rest") and then cook the noodles, and put the sliced steak (along with any juices) right on top. Tonight, I added an egg (as I wanted to finish the dozen), and roughly chopped it up. It was awesome.

Other ways of diversifying this interesting dish, is using broth instead of water (check the sodium and fat content!) or adding plain stir-fried veggies. Dress it up.

This makes for a VERY quick and hot and satisfying meal. Sadly, I only bought 2 kimchi bowls, and they ARE on sale this week. darn it! ^_^

Enjoy! Cyn