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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not your average egg salad!

So with all this "you have to eat" more (Doc's orders) you'd think I was happy go lucky about it right? Not so much, my imagination at times gets stretched, and the brain cells hurt. But sometimes, the memories come back, of weird but tasty dishes I've made in the past. I'd seen in restos around salads which have hot bacon grease poured on them, and I cringed at the thought, but realized, "taste". I was also told to eat more eggs, which sadly, I can only do if they are farm fresh. Thankfully, the Lord provided, and I know a little place where I can get them. All this to say, sometimes, a wedding of flavors, temperatures, and textures can lead to a satisfying crunch that won't leave you empty, but full-yet-not-overly-so. So here's MY take on "Egg Salad". Not sure how well this would spread on bread tho. ^_^

YUM! quick and simple!

Romaine lettuce, 4-5 leaves
10g cheeses mixed (I used very finely shredded mozzarella and baby parmesan)
15g garlic roasted almonds
4 grape/cherry tomatoes, quartered (the colored ones are so tasty)
2 large eggs, pan fried until yolks are barely set, chopped coarsely (if you don't like runny, cook them til the yolks are solid)
2 tsps Renee's Ceasar dressing light.

I was going to add chicken or beef, but it would, in my opinion, have been too much.

Chop Romaine in bite size pieces.
Add tomatoes, almonds, cheese, and dressing.
Mix wel.
Make sure eggs are chopped "apart" (that there's not this little piece that's holding the whole pile together :)
Add to the top of the salad
Decorate with a pinch of almonds and cheese.

The heat of the eggs will melt the cheeses a little, and make the salad that touches the eggs a little bit wilted. But when you get that bite with both hot and cold in it, its oh so good. This made me a little bowl, and I'm full, had my proteins (I'm outta eggs tho.) and I can go back to bed.

Enjoy, Cyncerely :)

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