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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hmmmm... what to cook, and what to eat!

I've been running around like a chicken without a head, or so it seems. Not feeling much like cooking, and my keyboard is acting up on my laptop. I never realized eating on a regular basis (aka multiple small meals a day) could be such a PAIN! (lol).

So, I went and got meat last week. The roast is going back. :( I cooked the three steaks, nothing fancy, in a pan, and stuck them in a container to slice off as I needed for meals. Then, I ran out. Oook... Looked in the freezer, and there was frozen cooked ground beef I'd made up last month, and thought, might as well use this up.

I cooked some sticky (sushi) rice (I LOVE my rice cooker). Put some in a bowl, added ground beef on top, nuked it nice and hot, added a couple of dashes of soy sauce, and 1/2 an chunkily sliced avocado. I didn't expect the mix that ensued, nor the most amazing tasting thing either! The creaminess and coolness of the avocado, with the very hot meat and rice, and saltiness of the soy sauce. OH WOW! :)

I salt (very lightly) the avocado before I eat it plain too. It was very good actually, and I was thriled. Easy peasy! Off to cook more rice. I'll try to figure a new recipe to post on here :) I can't wait for summer for FRESH stuff.

As I write this, its blowing snow, there's 2-3 inches of it on the ground. I guess this year, my birthday will NOT be free of snow. Sigh.

Much love and blessings!